VIP treatment for Vodafone customers

Posted on: November 28, 2010

Being in the Red isn’t always bad..

As a Vodafone customer, I wasn’t all that impressed with its new VIP service that claimed to exclusively benefit it’s customers. Sending those emails into my junk folder – I assumed the scheme was just part of the usual promotions fodder that you get bombarded with, as companies you’ve already surrendered your bank balance to try to remind you of how brilliant they are.  At least, that was until I bagged myself Isle Of Wight festival tickets for next summer.

As a VIP – music lovers are able to get priority access to UK music festivals, by having the chance to buy tickets 48 hours before general sale. Similarly, Formula 1 fanatics and fashionistas can also get tickets to some top events, as part of the exclusive club that only Vodafone customers can join. It’s obvious that this is a response to O2’s huge priority ticket campaign that has reached gig-goers and venues across the country. However, Vodafone’s answer is surely more widely appealing, considering the massive interest in festivals as of recent years – seen by a growth in the sheer amount of outdoor events now – as they break away from the hippie stereotype into the mainstream ideal of cool. Suddenly it’s all about what festival you have been to this summer, what bands you elbowed your way to the front line for, and how muddy your wellies got.

As well as O2’s successful priority scheme, Orange is now well-known for it’s 2 for 1 cinema offer, so I reckon it’s definitely time that the last of the big three got involved and jumped on the customer treats bandwagon. With tariffs and deals saturating the mobile phone market, minutes and texts are only going to get cheaper for customers caught between a battle of the networks – so perhaps all that’s left for the main players to tempt people with is the ‘extras’. Personally I don’t mind who’s connecting my phone, as long as I can get good signal – but I was quite pleasantly surprised that I could be festival royalty. Now that I’ve got me and my friends Isle Of Wight tickets before the risk of them selling out – I’m wondering if we’ll be greeted with a champagne reception? Doubt it, but well done Vodafone for making me feel like a valued customer amongst your millions.


2 Responses to "VIP treatment for Vodafone customers"

They can probably afford to do that since they avoided paying the UK government several billion pounds in tax…

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