Introducing Wolfette

Posted on: November 13, 2011

Hailed by Popjustice as their ‘new favourite popstar’, Wolfette is delivering catchy electro-rock in the form of her latest single ‘Different Story’, and may be worth keeping on the new talent radar.

Much like her debut release ‘Waiting for the Explosion’, Wolfette’s sound on the new track blends guitar riffs, dirty basslines and strong vocals, while still sounding like a perfectly shiny pop record from the 90’s era.

Both visually and sonically she resounds a younger Sharleen Spitari, with a sprinkle of Alison Goldfrapp magic. When it comes to comparisons, think smouldering front-women from Garbage and the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (clearly main influences) combined with the edge of Blondie or Ladyhawke. Have a listen yourself to make your own judgement and check out her new video below:

Whilst nothing groundbreaking, the video serves as a perfect introduction to Wolfette, seeing her frozen in time and messing her hair up in the wind.

The singer claims she is excited about her first video – ahead of her untitled debut album expected sometime soon – “It’s going to be a visual treat and something I’ve never done before.”


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