Marie Colvin: mourning the death of a brave martyr

Posted on: March 1, 2012

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    Tue, Feb 21 2012 19:00:00
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    Marie Colvin, war correspondent for The Sunday Times and Remi Ochlik, a French photojournalist, were killed on Wednesday morning (22/02) as bomb shells were dropped above the safe-house where they were staying in Homs, Syria. It is believed that Colvin and Ochlik were fleeing the press centre when hit with a rocket-propelled grenade.
  3. Journalists in Syria and around the world expressed their shock at the deaths & tributes poured in via Twitter.
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    RIP 2 our colleagues killed in #homs, the price we pay 2 shed light on atrocities, the price #syria pays everyday 4 freedom
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 04:58:19
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    Marie #Colvin’s last report was shocking,her voice on #ITN yesterday gripping.She was friend to many of us and is a huge loss to everyone.
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 04:49:41
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    I end this day in anger, that Marie Colvin has died, that very few of us can do her kind of journalism & also for what journalism has become
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 20:32:46
  7. The Price of Truth

    News of the tragedy came just a day after Syrian citizen journalist Rami al-Sayed was also killed in Homs. The city has been at the centre of fierce bombardments over the past weeks, as the Syrian army seek out to kill journalists telling the truth, under President Bashar al-Assad’s order to silence the news of civilian killings.

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    Dear journalists, If you try to do your job is #Syria u risk your life by Assad & his gangs! where else does it happen? http://pic.twitter.com/eCHZpQTz
    Fri, Jan 13 2012 10:29:04
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    Syrian army reportedly pledged to “kill any journalist who set foot on Syrian soil” to stop reports of civilians deaths tgr.ph/xdHqOK
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 20:23:16

It was claimed that army officers were intercepted by intelligence staff as they discussed a plot for the journalists’ deaths, including that of Colvin. The officers were planning to claim that the journalists had been attacked by terrorist groups. These alleged reports are exposing the very nature of the authoritative forces with their efforts to control the media and destroy lives.

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    @SarahJHT A journalist killed in a Syrian Army rocket attack on a media centre in Homs. One way of stopping the truth getting out!!!!!!
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 08:12:20
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    Ironic that journalist who warns of indiscriminate shelling of civilians is killed by shelling of a media centre. irishtimes.com/newspaper/b…
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 08:02:16


Colvin was said to be dedicated to her job, to sourcing the truth and to human rights. Only hours before she died, she was an interviewed guest on Anderson Cooper’s show about seeing a child die amidst the violent conflict. Anderson had told Colvin to ‘try to be safe’ just a short while before being killed.

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    Marie Colvin’s last broadcast, hours before she died, was about the painful death of a child during the Siege of Homs. bit.ly/AjZlqr
    Fri, Feb 24 2012 12:45:20
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    RT @LaurenGerber: @andersoncooper telling Marie Colvin to ‘try to be safe’ hours before her death was definition of eerie. Powerful read: nymag.com/daily/intel/2012…
    Fri, Feb 24 2012 13:39:55
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    RIP Marie Colvin, a brilliant, dedicated, and fearless journalist who died while covering horrific bloodshed of innocent civilians in Syria.
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 11:33:08
Marie Colvin serves as a martyr for her courageous reporting on the atrocities of war for the rest of the world to see. After loosing her eye when shot by the Sri Lankan army, she continued her profession in the face of danger. Her career and her saddening death exemplifies journalism at its best, with her commitment to exposing the brutal reality of Syria’s military and government powers.

Tributes paid to Marie Colvin. itvnews Wed, Feb 22 2012 17:39:24

  1. Shar 
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    Marie Colvin – R.I.P.
    She had lost her left eye when she was shot the by Sri Lankan army, on purpose when they heard she was a journalist. Exactly the same happened in Syria, where unfortunately she was killed. We need more Marie Colvins in our fight against Terrorist governments.
    Thu, Feb 23 2012 01:29:17

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