Dorset Music Awards Competition Heats Up

Posted on: March 16, 2012

The first of two semi-final heats of the Dorset Music Awards will take place tomorrow evening at Kyps club in Poole. The remaining five acts still contending for the prize will battle it out in front of a panel of industry judges.

After tough competition seen at the quarter final rounds at The Winchester in Bournemouth earlier this month, the final five acts are fighting for a place in the final, which will be held at Bournemouth’s O2 Academy venue for the first time.

The Dorset Music Awards was started in 2006 as an annual competition that would act as a platform for developing the local music scene. The event seeks to act as a bridge for musicians between Bournemouth and the outside music industry, whilst staging several community orientated live events.

“The DMAs are designed to be a community project that acts as a platform for pushing the local scene forward giving valuable lessons, various benefits and a social focus that gives opportunities to local acts, enabling them to see beyond the fringe of Bournemouth and Dorset for their gigs and musical careers” said Trevor Acorn, DMA’s events organiser.

The semi finalists include local bands from a range of musical backgrounds, consisting of The General Public, Paint It Blue, Peace, Love & Gloves, Yellowgroove and Know One.

Tom McDally, lead singer of Paint It Blue, said “Crowd support and interaction is everything so get along and support your favourite”.

The bands at this stage are already familiar to the judges so now it’s up to them to prove that they can perform under pressure and that they have an audience that will support them.

Tickets are available online at £5 each.



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