A Taste Of Things To Come: New Music In 2013

Posted on: January 29, 2013

A new year.. a new album to adore? a new band to play to death? a new genre to explore? Maybe one of the following will tickle your musical tastebuds.



Who: Glaswegian trio making addictive synth-pop.

The first time my ears met the sound of the track ‘The Mother We Share’ I took an immediate interest in the curiously named Chvrches (with a V for extra quirkiness) and by the look of things I wasn’t alone. The band’s energetic mix between crashing electro synths and sweetly angelic vocals made waves in the blogosphere last year and earned them a spot in the BBC’s annual poll recognising upcoming talent. Their gothic pop has been described as “undeniably sad but also euphoric”, or as I would say, a blend of the very sugary Carly Rae Jepson and the very haunting Crystal Castles. Sound weird – but it works, as you may agree. Whilst I anticipate the release of their album later this year, releasing tracks such as the compulsively addictive ‘Lies’ means I’m holding out for great things. Take a listen below.



Who: Brothers who are pushing ‘post-garage’ into the public conscience.

Disclosure consists of 17 and 20 year old brothers Guy & Howard Lawrence who already have a top 20 hit under their belts, with the infectious single ‘Latch’. Their remixes of the likes of Jessie Ware have also garnered them a large following and got their name around as hotly tipped producers. Ahead of a debut album expected this spring, the duo’s EP release ‘The Face’ gives a taster of what’s to come (listen below). Their sound builds on what seems like a short history of dance music – through a 90’s garage bop, a pulsating dubstep bassline, a smooth RnB vibe, soulful vocals and an hint of house. It looks as if they could do big things on the UK dance scene.



Who: Alanis Morrisette lookalikes that are the industry critics’ new favourites.

I actually saw Haim live at the O2 when they supported Florence & The Machine’s UK tour in December, not realising at the time that I would later be writing about how the BBC have tipped them as the #1 Sound Of 2013. I must admit that I didn’t take much interest in them at the time as I was probably too busy chatting/drinking/getting excited about Florence to take any notice of the Californian three-piece. Yet after hearing their EP ‘Forever’, I am eager to hear more. The Haim sisters have often been compared to Fleetwood Mac with their Indie-Folk meets RnB fusion, while there grungy girls-on-bikes image and family pact mean they’ve been thought of as the female Hanson. As hungry critics and a growing fanbase await Haim’s full length debut, listen below to my favourite track ‘Don’t Save Me’ and be sure to YouTube search their videos to see some Destiny’s Child inspired dance routines.

Tom Odell

Tom Odell

Who: He plays ballads on piano and may be unheard of but has already won a Brit Award.

22 year-old Tom Odell now follows in the rather large footsteps of Emeli Sande, Jessie J, Ellie Goulding and Adele in receiving the Brit Award for Critics Choice – and is the first male to do so. The classically trained songwriter first appeared in the public eye when performing on Jools Holland and has seen a growing number of supporters since including the likes of Burberry (who featured his song in their S/S 2013 show) and also Lily Allen – who claims his on stage energy reminded her of David Bowie and was so impressed she signed him to her label. Odell conveys a lot of emotion through his songs – he has been described by The Guardian as James Blake without the dubstep and he cites piano legend Elton John as a main influence. Already being called a ‘young Jeff Buckley’ and making a name for himself with ‘Another Love’ (listen below) – he is surely in for a big year ahead.



Who: A band with a tendency to indulge in 90’s pop culture.

With Dan Smith’s grip on the vocals and instrumentals you may be fooled into thinking Bastille was a one-man act, and it was, until Smith decided to form a band to make it a four piece. Bastille’s tracks ‘Flaws’ and ‘Pompeii’ have led to a large online following as of late, just as the band are about to set off on tour with Two Door Cinema Club. I have been listening to the EP release ‘Other People’s Heartbreak’, which mixes reworked versions of 90’s classics with movie soundtrack samples to produce something that sounds nostalgic but refreshing. My favourite offering from the EP is a completely original and mellowed down ‘Rythm Of The Night’ cover (listen below). See ‘Other People’s Heartbreak Part 2’, free on Bastille’s website, for more rehashed adaptations that mix TLC with The XX, blend Donnie Darko with Frank Ocean and mash American Beauty with Florence Welch.

hot natured ali love

Hot Natured & Ali Love

Who: A collaborative project creating house music to be played in the sun rays.

I once caught Hot Natured & Ali Love’s mesmerising track ‘Benediction’ on Radio 1 and it had been hailed as last summer’s anthem across dancefloors in Ibiza.  It is a slow burning dance track with uplifting vibes, deep house beats and soul-filled vocals that flow with the soothing bass line (listen below). Owners of the Hot Creations label and producers Jamie Jones & Lee Foss have teamed with Ali Love to work on an upcoming album together, expected in Spring this year. The release will have house lovers holding their breathe and will no doubt spawn several summer anthems to come.

Willy Moon

Willy Moon

Who: The guy behind the Apple iPod ad that may be more than just a 1 hit wonder.

21 year old William ‘Moon’ is best known for his feel good smash ‘Yeah Yeah’ that you’ve most likely heard on every single soundtrack as of recent, from Apple to the BBC. The track in inescapable for a reason – it’s catchy retro rhythm, clanging drums, chanting vocals and heavy hip-hop influence make it a blast from the past but for the modern day (listen below). The New Zealand born musician channels a slick 1950’s image that matches his retro tinged sound yet he adds something fresh and contemporary to the mix, making him slightly comparable to Bruno Mars. He is currently supporting Jack White’s tour and adding the finishing touches his debut album, expected early this year.



Who: Bedroom producer & songstress become experimental pop duo with interesting results.

Aluna Francis (vocals) and George Reid (production) are the two halves that make up AlunaGeorge. The pair’s breakout record ‘Your Drums, Your Love’ is a dreamy state of hip hop beats, computerised echoes and Aluna’s sweet child-like harping – it oozes the magical mixture that will keep audiences and critics tuned in for more when their album drops this year. In ‘You Know You Like It’ (below) the swelling and swirling RnB melody womps beneath the high pitched chimes and gentle whispers – amplifying a sound similar to synth-pop innovators Purity Ring. The stuff they are producing strikes a firm balance between mainstream appeal and alternative taste, which I would much rather see in the charts than any Flo Rida drivel. Whether they hit the big time is yet to be seen, but with heaps of media attention and a crazy collaboration with Disclosure ready to blow up dancefloors, this dynamic duo are going to make their mark somehow.



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Lovely post. Am loving Haim right now. Radio 2 keeps me company at work. I’m not ashamed xxx

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